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Law on Forest Rights Fails to Deliver

Posted by Arvind Telkar on Saturday, March 20, 2010, In : News 

A four-year-old landmark law that was supposed to bring profound changes in the lives of India’s tribal and forest-dwelling peoples has failed to deliver on that promise.

According to activists and government officials alike, the Scheduled Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act – better known as the Forest Rights Act (FRA) of 2006 – has remained nothing more than ink on paper as general confusion, corruption, and an intransigent forest department ...
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Google considers withdrawing from China over cyberattacks

Posted by Arvind Telkar on Wednesday, January 13, 2010, In : News 

Google has threatened to shut down its operations in China after uncovering hacking attempts into email accounts of Chinese human rights activists, terming it as "highly sophisticated".

"These attacks and the surveillance they have uncovered - combined with the attempts over the past year to further limit free speech on the web - have led us to conclude that we should review the feasibility of our business operations in China," David Drummond, senior vice president of corporate development an...
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